The Giving Portrait is about giving the photographs, not taking them.

Three alumni from the Digital Photography and Imaging (DPAI) program at Georgian College are coming together as a way to give back to their community to provide residents of Barrie with an opportunity to have their portrait taken. It’s about giving people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford photography, a unique and memorable portrait, free of charge.


Mybusinessportrait3x4lighterKim Annand, Barrie, ON

Kim is passionate about creating fine art images and shooting documentary photography. She hopes to inspire the imagination and compel you to look at the world in thought-provoking ways. Kim is quick to volunteer for opportunities and looks forward to a long and rewarding future contributing to the community through The Giving Portrait.

Kim is also an organizer with the Focus on Simcoe Photography Festival  Kim’s website.


Emma Morrone, Barrie, ON

Emma had initially started out in photography with her father’s Pentax camera and a darkroom being taught in high school how to develop her own film. She started out in landscape photography, and used this to train her eye in the elements and principles of art. After working at a portrait studio for a year and attending Georgian College’s DPAI program, Emma is ready to venture out into the world with her additional knowledge and skills. Emma’s website:



Joseph Smith, Southern ON

Joseph is a photographer based out of Southern Ontario, Canada. He has been studying DPAI at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario. Joseph has always loved photography and specializes in not only one area, but has a fascination with all areas of photography. From landscapes to studio portraits, he loves to shoot it all. Photography is his passion and shows in his dedication to quality in his images.




Additional Organizer from 2018:

Cobi Sharpe, Muskoka, ON

After getting her first digital camera when she lived in the Yukon, Cobi’s interest in photography quickly grew into a passion. Northern landscapes, wildlife and nature were inspiring. Fast forward a few years and now in her final semester of the DPAI program, Cobi has also grown a passion for portrait and adventure photography. She plans to take her photography business Sharpe Images to a new level after graduating in the spring.